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Donating stock to your charitable organization as a Donation, Endowment or Memorial requires specific recording methods to include Unrealized Gains and Losses.

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Last week I wrote about receiving stock from donors. This week, I’ll discuss how to record the investment earnings and change in values. If your nonprofit or church has investment accounts, you will notice on the brokerage statements the earnings may be divided into Realized and Unrealized Income. Realized income is money earned and received into your account. Typical examples are dividend income, interest income, gain (or loss) on the sale of stock. Unrealized income/loss reflects the impact of current market conditions on your holdings. For example, assume the organization has 100 shares of stock in American Airlines it purchased...

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The end of the year is close and, hopefully, donations are pouring in. Donating stock instead of cash to a nonprofit or church may have an additional benefit for the donor. (Please note, I am not a tax expert and am not giving tax advice. Your donors should seek the advice of their local CPA to see if this could be a benefit to them.) IRS regulations allow for stock donated to be deducted by the donor at the market value instead of the stock price when it was purchased. This means that if a donor has 100 shares of...

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