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Sometimes mistakes happen. Vendors over bill us or we accidentally overpay them. If the vendor is a recurring one and the amount isn’t too high, they will usually issue a credit memo to be taken off the next month’s bill. This is easily handled in QuickBooks and other accounting systems, because it is so common. But sometimes, the vendor will issue you a check back. If you don’t need to send him a Form 1099 (for independent contractors) and it isn’t important from your management reporting requirements, you can deposit the check through the Banking, Make Deposits screen. Just be...

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By Lisa London If many of your church or congreation members happen to be married, consider using a customer name of Husband and Wife Last Name and a related vendor name of Husband or Wife Last Name.  This way either one can cash any reimbursement checks as it is made out to either of them and the donations are acknowledged to both of them.  Hat tip to Renea Herberger, CPA for the idea! Use the contact page to share tricks you have found helpful!

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