QuickBooks for Churches Seminar FAQs


Money is tight. How can I be sure it is a good use of our church's limited resources?

Excellent question. If you gain the skills to reduce your bookkeeping time by just one hour per week, you'll pay back the cost of the course within four months. If we can keep you from having to spend several hours with a CPA, you've paid back the price of the course. And the lower stress levels are priceless!

Besides we want you to be satisfied. If you aren't, just let us know and we'll refund you.

I know I'll learn a lot, but it is still expensive.

It is, but we didn't want this to be 200 people in an auditorium-type event. Keeping it small increases the price, but your speakers will be with you for the two days, available to answer questions and give you a more personalized experience.

I'd like to come but can't take two days off work. Is there a one day option?

We highly recommend coming for both days, but understand life gets in the way. In order to give as much individualized attention as possible, we have limited the number of seats sold but will designate a few each day for those who can't come for the entire event.  If you must come for only one day, please sign up by Clicking Here.

Are meals included?

Lunch will be furnished each day. Coffe and tea will be available in the morning and a small snack will be offered in the afternoon. Breakfasts and dinners are on your own.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

You are welcome to bring your laptop, but it will not be necessary.

How do I get there?

The Dunes Club is located at 710 Fort Macon Road, Atlantic Beach NC 28512. The nearest airports are in New Bern and Jacksonville, NC.  Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU) is 180 miles away via an easy three-hour drive down Highway 70.

Where can I stay?

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, is a popular vacation spot with lots of options. We've reserved a limited number of rooms at the Hampton Inn & Suites Atlantic Beach that have double beds, a pull-out sofa, microwave, and refrigerator for only $98 for weeknights and $128 per night for Friday and Saturday. 

I'm not currently using QuickBooks, but am thinking about it. Will this course help?

Definitely! We'd recommend you attend the first day's QuickBooks track so you'll learn what QuickBooks does well and what it doesn't. We'll even share where to buy QuickBooks for only $50. Then on day 2, you can continue the QuickBooks training or if you've decided QuickBooks is not a good choice for you, play on the beach for the morning and join us for the questions and information session in the afternoon.

I've been using QuickBooks for a while. Will the seminar be helpful?

It will. The first morning is dedicated to general church accounting topics, no matter what accounting program you are using. In the afternoon, we'll share the optimum way to set up QuickBooks for a church, where you may find some improvements for your system. The Advanced Topics courses on the second day will include useful apps to help streamline and automate your system. 

And we will be there to answer your questions. Bring your laptop or login information if there is something specific you'd like us to look at.

I'm ready to sign up. Where do I go?

Great! We can't wait to meet you in person. Click here to get started.