Getting Started Setting Up Your System-Three Courses plus Books & Files

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Does just the thought of accounting send shivers down your spine? Is the bookkeeping taking too much time? Do you think QuickBooks would be too expensive for you?

As the Accountant Beside You, I can help. I'll show you how qualified nonprofits and churches can purchase QuickBooks desktop or online versions for as little as $50. I'll teach you how to set up your accounting procedures to keep the money safe. I'll be beside you as you watch the videos with step-by-step demonstrations. I'll even make mistakes, so you can see how to fix them.

I helped my church cut their bookkeeping time from over three days a week to just one day and I can help you do the same.

The Getting Started-Option 1 package saves you $250 and includes:

1. The Nuts & Bolts class for either desktop or online versions of QuickBooks. With short, step-by-step videos, learn how to set up your accounting system correctly from the start.

2. The Advanced Topics class covers budgeting, donor correspondence, year-end issues and so much more.

3. The Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them course is based off the reader questions to Lisa over the years. A truly invaluable resource.

4. Your choice of the Online or Desktop version of Using QuickBooks for Small Nonprofits and Churches in both the paperback and E-Book versions. (The E-Book will be immediately available as soon as you order so you can start reading while the paperback is shipped.)

5. Both the paperback and E-Book version of Church Accounting-The How To Guide for Small & Growing Churches. Even if you work with a nonprofit instead of a church, you will find the information about donor acknowledgments, payroll filings, reimbursement plans, and more helpful for your organization.

  6. Chart of Accounts file to upload into your QuickBooks system to save time and effort. 

7. Handbook with sample policy and procedures to help design your own.

 8. Example package from Church Accounting-The How To Guide for Small & Growing Churches with Word and Excel templates for donor correspondence, expense reports, and more.

Total Value if Purchased Separately $750
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