Church Accounting Spreadsheet Package with 5 Fund General Ledger

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An Inexpensive way to track your church bookkeeping.

Church Accounting Spreadsheet Package includes a five fund general ledger and contribution tracking!

Throughout Church Accounting: The How-To Guide for Small & Growing Churches 2nd Edition, Lisa London and Vickey Boatright offer examples of basic accounting spreadsheets to make calculations easier.  

In the Church Accounting Spreadsheet Package, Vickey takes it a step further with more complex files designed to save the small and growing churches time and effort.

The package includes:

Automatic Accounting Spreadsheet

and Templates for:

  1. Contribution Tracking 
  2. Bank Reconciliation 
  3. Travel Reimbursement 
  4. Mileage Log
  5. Collection Count Sheet
  6. Contribution Statements

The Automatic Accounting Workbook will track accounting data for up to 5 funds, so you can report on each fund individually as well as collectively. It is set up for 10 income and 40 expense accounts, with 12 monthly ledgers, 12 monthly reports, 4 quarterly reports, and 1 annual Profit & Loss report, each of which are automatically populated from the ledgers. Additionally, there is a Budget to Actual report, a directory for easy access, a chart of account listing and set up instructions.

The package also includes the Contribution Tracking Workbook set up for 40 contributors, with instructions on how to add more. The workbook includes 40 individual donors sheet which automatically carry over to the Total Donor sheet. When it is time to mail out annual contribution statements, doing a mail merge is a breeze with this package.

It also includes a Bank Reconciliation Workbook for reconciling the accounting workbook to your bank statements by month and a Collection Count Sheet to assist the volunteers counting contributions from the weekly service.  Vickey knows how important it is to have an accountable reimbursement plan, so the Travel Reimbursement Workbook includes a travel policy worksheet and a travel reimbursement form. The detailed Mileage Log tracks church-related miles and tolls.

Last but not least, it contains Contribution Statements,  Word documents for acknowledging cash, non-cash, and quid pro quo donations that are customizable for your church.       

 Church accounting will be less worrisome with The Accountant Beside You every step of the way. 

Save money with the Church Accounting Bundle!

File Format:   zip file with Microsoft Word & Excel files.

About the Author:

Vickey Boatright has worked as a fund accountant for a nonprofit for over 12 years. Her site, is a treasure trove of valuable information on all things churches! Started in 2008, her site has grown exponentially with information on all of the ins and outs of church accounting. She is the treasurer for her church of 37 years.

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