QuickBooks for Churches Desktop Files-without the book

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Already have Lisa's flagship Quickbooks for Churches book?

If you do, and you are interested in additional resources, this is the perfect bundled offer for you. With the Handbook Bundle you will receive:

  1. The Companion Handbook to our Quickbooks for Churches book, a PDF download you can print and work with at your leisure
  2. Our Premium QuickBooks Download with preferences--- guaranteed to save you a lot of time setting up QuickBooks for your house of worship  (QBB-backup file)
  3. Our recommended Church Chart of Accounts for QuickBooks (IIF file to import instead of the of the Premium QuickBooks Download if you already have your company file, customers & vendors set up)

 Purchased separately, these items would cost $34.85. Take advantage of this special offer and save $5.

This is the ideal choice for individuals who already have a copy of the Quickbooks for Churches & Other Religious Organizations book. 

A $34.85 value for only $29.95!

Note:  Quickbook for Churches book not included. 

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