Companion Handbook to "QuickBooks® for Churches and Other Religious Organizations"

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The Companion Handbook to Lisa London's signature book QuickBooks® for Churches and Other Religious Organizations is delivered as an electronic 32 page, print-ready PDF document.

This handbook outlines Lisa's recommended steps to ensure solid internal accounting controls and provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up an accounting system for a church. The Companion Handbook is designed to be printed and filled out with your church’s specific information, appropriate lists, and information printed out from QuickBooks. 

The Companion Handbook is not a replacement for the QuickBooks® for Churches and Other Religious Organizations, but rather an optional resource for anyone tasked with setting up Quickbooks for a church.

About the Author

Lisa London, CPA, is a financial professional and accountant with more than two decades of accounting, business, and training experience. Lisa has the unique ability to distill complex accounting information to the heart of what the end user needs to know in a way that is easy to understand. From Auditor to CFO to church volunteer, Lisa is known as The Accountant Beside You to many churches, businesses, and organizations.

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