Nonprofit Policy and Procedures Handbook

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Every nonprofit needs documented policies and procedures.

This handbook steps you through:

  • Governance policies,
  • Administrative policies,
  • Financial procedures, and
  • Financial and contractual policies.

Based on the recommendations in Nonprofit Accounting for Volunteers, Treasurers, and Bookkeepersthe Nonprofit Policy and Procedures Handbook is a PDF designed to be printed and stored in a three ring binder to organize your nonprofits specific policies. It also includes the Word document version, so you can electronically update the files. 

Table of Contents:

1. History of ______________________________ 1
2. Contact Information 2
3. Governance Policies 3
    A. Missions, Vision, and Core Values 3
    B. Objectives 3
    C. Articles of Incorporation/Letters 4
    D. Constitution/Bylaws 5
    E. EIN Letter from the IRS 6
    F. EIN Letter from the State 10
   G. Form 1023 Approval from the IRS 11
   H. Additional Forms/Letters from the IRS 12
    I. Tax Exemption Letter from the State 13
    J. Additional Forms/Letters from the State 14
4. Operating Structure 15
    A. Organizational Chart 15
    B. Roles and Responsibilities for Offices 16
    C. Committee Structure and Roles 18
5. Administrative Policies 20
    A. Access to Information 20
    B. Record Retention/Archives 22
    C. Conflict of Interest Policy 24
    D. Meetings 25
6. Financial Procedures 28
    A. Financial Operating Procedures 28
    B. Internal Accounting Controls 29
    C. Chart of Accounts 31
    D. Banking 32
    E. Purchase and Check Requisitions 33
    F. Credit Cards 34
    G. Accountable Reimbursements 35
    H. Expenses 36
     I. Assets 37
    J. Audit 39
    K. Budget Preparation and Management 40
7. Financial and Contractual Policies 41
    A. Benevolence Fund Resolution & Policy 41
    B. Fund Development 42
    C. Investment 43
    D. Contracts 44
    E. Facilities and Property Policies 45
    F. Computer 48
    G. Insurance 50
8. Miscellaneous 51

After checkout, you will receive a link with both the PDF and Word versions of the document. Complete the forms with your organizations data and store in easy reach of the staff and volunteers for your organization.

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