Nonprofit Accounting for Volunteers, Treasurers, and Bookkeepers-Including How to Fill Out the 990EZ

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Need help with Nonprofit Accounting?

Small nonprofits often have treasurers or bookkeepers with little (if any) accounting experience. Folks may not know where to start and might be worried about getting in trouble with the IRS. Fear not! This isn’t just “Accounting for Dummies”--this easy-to-read, detailed guide will teach you how to look after the whole financial well-being of your nonprofit organization. Written specifically for non-accountants, this book will empower YOU to take control of your organization’s finances!

This book will walk you through

  • Activating safety measures to prevent theft and errors
  • Basic accounting terms and what makes nonprofit accounting different
  • Using a chart of accounts to monitor the flow of money
  • Maximizing efficiency with accounting systems such as Quickbooks
  • Necessary steps for starting a nonprofit
  • How to receive, record, and acknowledge different types of donations
  • W-2s, 1099s, payroll, and reimbursements
  • Budgeting with your organization’s priorities in mind
  • Monthly and yearly bookkeeping checklists
  • Unrelated business income and how it could affect your organization
  • Nonprofit tax returns, including filling out Form 990 N, Form 990 EZ, and Form 990-Schedule A and Schedule B.

 This book provides real-life problems and solutions that nonprofits often face. It also includes access to free online resources for your convenience. This book functions well not only as an introduction for beginners but also as a handy reference for the experienced bookkeeper.

 Lisa London is a CPA and top-selling author with decades of experience who has helped organizations reduce their accounting time dramatically. Her series The Accountant Beside You is written for non-accountants to understand the basics of accounting with step-by-step instructions, loads of illustrations, and no confusing jargon. With this book, you are never alone--you have The Accountant Beside You.

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Topics by Chapter

Proper Procedures & Internal Accounting Controls

What Is Special About Nonprofit Accounting?

How Do I Select An Accounting System?

Administrative Issues

Donations, Pat I: Receiving And Recording

Donations, Part II: Acknowledgment

Donations, Part III: Other Topics

Rules For Helping Local Families And Individuals

Paying The Bills

Reimbursement Policies And Procedures

Payroll, Part I: Basic Steps

Payroll, Part II: Calculating & Filing

Budgeting For Nonprofit Organizations

Month-End Financial Requirements

Year-End And Audit Issues

Unrelated Business Income Taxes (UBIT)

Step-by-step instructions to fill out Form 990T for UBIT

Line-by-line instructions to complete Form 990ez and 990n

Sample simplified UCOA (uniform chart of accounts)

Month-end checklist