The ONLY books and resources for setting up QuickBooks in a religious organization!

Quick Links to: Books, Digital Files, Money-Saving Bundles, and Classes 

Not sure what you need? No worries. If you are considering using QuickBooks, I highly recommend watching this video to determine if the Online or Desktop version is better for you.  Then start with the book QuickBooks for  Nonprofits & Churches or QuickBooks Online for Nonprofits & Churches to show you how to properly set up your system efficiently. (Use the down arrow to select the paperback, E-book, or both editions.)

For more hands-on training, I recommend the Accounting Classes. These are wonderful compliments to the books and allow you to follow alongside me as you set up and use your accounting system with concise, easy to understand videos.

If you are starting from scratch or need a better Chart of Accounts, consider my downloadable file designed specifically for small religious organizations. (Be sure to select either the Online or Desktop version from the drop down menu.)

No matter what your accounting system, Church Accounting- The How-To-Guide for Small & Growing Churches will teach you the rules and regulations behind accounting for a House of Worship.

Bundle the two books and digital files to save money and to get you up and running in no time!

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