Boy Scout Troop Chart of Accounts for QuickBooks

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Save Time with the Boy Scouts Chart of Accounts

Set up your Boy Scout troop accounting system in QuickBooks with this file from The Accountant Beside You.

Based on recommendations detailed in QuickBooks for Nonprofits and Churches-A Step-By-Step Guide and QuickBooks Online for Nonprofits and Churchesthis chart of accounts file can be imported into your troop's QuickBooks company. The chart of accounts was developed using the Boy Scouts of America's Budget Worksheet and should give your troop the tools it needs to track dues, payments to National, and program costs.

The Boy Scouts Chart of Accounts is available for both desktop and online versions of Quickbooks. Be sure to choose the format you need in the drop-down menu.

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Download the file and save it to your computer where you can easily find it. Now you are ready to upload the file.

In QBO, select Chart of Accounts from the left Menu Bar. In the top right corner of the Chart of Accounts screen, select the downward arrow to the right of the New button, and click Import.

Online Download Instructions:

On the Import Accounts screen, select Browse to locate the file you just saved on your computer. 

The Import Accounts will reappear with the Excel file listed. Select Next.

Here you will map the fields from your spreadsheet to the QuickBooks Fields.  Your Field options are the headings from the spreadsheet. In other words, you are matching the spreadsheet data to the related QBO fields. Click Next to continue.

The final screen will detail how QBO will import the accounts. Scroll through the list and make any necessary changes using the drop-down arrows by each box. Unselect any accounts that you don't need by deselecting the arrows to the left of the account. When you are satisfied with the list, select Import.

Desktop Download Instructions:

The download comes as a QuickBooks backup file (qbb) and should only be used if you haven't already set up your company file. Use the Backup/Restore function to install the .qbb file.

Also included is the .iif file containing the Chart of Accounts and the Item lists. The iif file should be imported if the company file is already set up. If this file is used, you will need to set your preferences yourself. See video tutorials for how to import an .iif file.

Not compatible with Mac.

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