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Press Releases

1-22-18 The Gig Economy and the New Tax Law

10-20-17 More Money is Stolen from Churches Annually Than is Spent on Missionary Work


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    Quoted in US News and World Report on self-employed retirement income
    My neighbor was a Hitler youth-historical fiction
    Growing up in Nazi Germany
    The Ed Tyll Show
    The State of Things-WW2 Historical Fiction
    Sanford Herald
    Parsons Sun-WW2 Historical Fiction-Germany
    Brad Segall and Lisa London discuss preventing church fraud and theft

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     Topics include:

    • The Gig Economy and the New Tax Law-What solopreneurs need to know.

    • The Home Office Organization Blueprint- Tame the Paperwork Nightmare

    • Reduce Your Book-Keeping! Make Automation Magic 

    • Easily Estimate Your Taxes!  Decipher those Pesky Forms and Figures for the Gig Economy

    • IRS Regulations You need to know- Deductibles Discoveries and More

    • Audit Proof- Sleep Well and Stay Out of the IRS Crosshairs

    • With Billions of Dollars Stolen from NPOs and Churches Every Year, Learn the Basic Steps to Keep Fraud Out of Your Organization

    • Accounting for Churches-What You and Your Pastor Need to Know

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