Video Tutorials

Should I use QuickBooks Online or Desktop for my small nonprofit or church?

I walk you through the pros and cons of each system as it pertains to nonprofits and churches in this video.

Cleaning up the Chart of Accounts by Merging Accounts in QuickBooks

If you are wanting to streamline or clean up your chart of accounts, this video will take you through the steps.

How do I Track Mission Trips In QuickBooks?

I've had some readers ask about tracking by member the transactions for mission trips. Here is a short video explaining how do record the fundraisers and expenses to individual accounts as well as a report for the whole trip.


The Pros and Cons of Using Quickbooks for Church Accounting

If you are wondering if QuickBooks could be used for your church, watch this.




Designing a Donor Thank You

Learn how to send a donor thank you note directly from the donation entry screen.  Save time and acknowledge the donation in a timely manner.



Backing up and Restoring Quickbooks Files

Whether you have purchased a file to help with the start up of your church or just want to see how to back up and restore files, watch this video.



Importing a Chart of Account List into Quickbooks

If you purchased the proposed chart of accounts and/or other lists, watch this video to see how to easily import the data.


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