Handbook for Using QuickBooks® for Nonprofit Organizations, Associations, & Clubs

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Handbook for Using QuickBooks

for Non-Profit Organizations, Associations, & Clubs

If you run a non-profit organization, an effective, secure accounting system is essential, with crucial distinctions from businesses. Donors, for example, need confidence in your reporting systems to ensure donations and assets are safe and are used as required, as do external parties and management, who also require specialized, decision making information.

Based on Lisa London's QuickBooks® for Nonprofits  & Churches, this companion Handbook provides clear, comprehensive information to guide non-profit organizations in the documentation of a secure, specific accounting system. Lisa London clearly distills the necessary information into a clear, easily understood guide containing step-by-step instructions to organize and document your accounting system with good internal accounting controls, tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations.

The Handbook is delivered as a printable 48 page PDF file, designed to be filled out with specific information for your particular not-for-profit organization and stored in a binder.  It is especially useful if your organization changes bookkeepers or treasurers on a regular basis.

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The Companion Handbook is not a replacement for the QuickBooks® for Nonprofits & Churches book, but rather an optional resource for anyone using Quickbooks. It is also included in the money-saving bundle, Premium E-Book Package for Nonprofits, or, if you already have the book, the Premium Package without the book.

 About the Author

Lisa London
, CPA, is a financial professional and accountant with more than two decades of accounting, business, and training experience. Lisa has a unique ability to distill complex accounting information to the heart of what the end user needs to know, in a way that is easy to understand. From Auditor to CFO to volunteer, Lisa is known as the The Accountant Beside You to many clubs, private schools, churches, businesses, and organizations. 

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