Making the IRS Form 990EZ Easy-Online Class

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Is your small nonprofit required to file IRS Form 990-Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax?

Or are you thinking "What do you mean, I may need to file a tax return?"

Let The Accountants Beside You help. In this online course, you will learn:

  • the types of IRS Form 990s
  • which one you need to file and when
  • where different types of income should be shown on the report
  • which line items to record different types of expenses to
  • how to calculate Net Assets
  • which Programs are required to be detailed,
  • who key employees, directors, and officers are and what data is required
  • how to answer the Other Information questions
  • what the IRS considers Public Support and how to compute your %
  • which sections of Schedule A to complete 
  • how to fill out Schedule B List of Contributors.

If you don't know anything about tax returns, don't worry.

CPAs Lisa London and Nancy Holden give you tons of examples and leave off the jargon so you can understand what to do even if you know nothing about accounting. Not only will you save money from having to hire an accountant, but you'll also know what is required for next year so you can save time for next year's returns!

How do I even know if I need to file?

Not sure if you need to file the 990EZ, check out Lisa's blog post Do I Need to File a Form 990EZ

Or go to and click on Making the 990EZ Easy. 

Scroll down the page to the Curriculum area and watch the Types of 990s and Filing Requirements video. This will also introduce you to the instructors to see if you like their teaching style.

Does it matter which time zone I'm in?

Not at all. The lectures are pre-recorded, so you can work when it's convenient for you. Individual sections of the tax form or topics are recorded in short lectures and you have lifetime access. Use the class as a reference whenever you need it.

What if I have questions or don't understand something?

Each class also has an area to ask questions and share ideas with your instructors and fellow students. Questions will be answered as quickly as possible. Just remember not to put any confidential information in the questions area.

If you are required to file the 990EZ, enroll in the class now. Look forward to seeing you!

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