Don't Know How to Get Started Setting Up Your Accounting System?

Does just the thought of accounting send shivers down your spine? Is the bookkeeping taking too much time? Do you not know where the money is going? Want to learn how to get the QuickBooks Nonprofit program for as little as $50?

As the Accountant Beside You, I  can help. 

A few years ago, my church needed to move from their antiquated, difficult to use accounting system to something easier. I suggested we try QuickBooks, but was surprised that there were no resources to help non-CPAs understand how to use the system for a religious environment. 

After much research, some mistakes, and lots of trial and error, I managed to get their system set up and streamlined their process. The board was ecstatic to find the bookkeeper only needed to work one day a week instead of the three to four days it was previously taking. And they finally had the information they needed to make decisions on a timely basis.

It dawned on me that if my church needed the help, probably a lot of other small churches could also use the help. So I wrote the first book in The Accountant Beside You series QuickBooks for Churches and Other Religious Organizations. It was so well received, people began to ask for more information on other types of nonprofits. Now my books and resources are being used globally by over 10,000 organizations.

I know being in charge of the money is stressful. If you don't already have training in accounting, it amplifies the stress even more. I'll be the accountant beside you each step of the way.

The Getting Started Packages will take you through the process in short, step-by-step lessons with no confusing terminology over three courses you can access online at your convenience. You'll learn what you need to know without any of the clutter. You will also learn procedures to put in place to reduce time doing the bookkeeping and to keep the money safe from fraud and theft. I'll even tell you how qualified nonprofits and churches can purchase either the desktop or online versions of QuickBooks for only $50. The savings will pay for the classes!

The Nuts & Bolts course will get you started setting up your system with short, easy-to-understand video lectures, labeled for you to refer back to them anytime you need. You can download them to your computer or stream them anytime. They are for you to watch as often as you like.

The Advanced Topics course covers budgeting, customizing reports and donor correspondence, how to handle special revenue and expenses, year end closing, and various apps that help streamline your work.

The third course, Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them, was developed based on the questions readers have asked me over the years on specific topics.

For each course, there will be downloadable checklists and other information you may need and an area for discussion questions.

We offer the classes, books, and files to get you educated and take you step-by-step through the process all in one money-saving bundle. 

Click below and you will be taken to a page to choose whether you are working with a nonprofit or a church and whether you are using the desktop version of QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online.  

Getting Started Setting Up Your Nonprofit on QuickBooks  



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