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Need a cheap bookkeeping system for your church?

If your small and growing HOW needs to track contributions and expenses, but can't quite afford an expensive software program, consider the Church Accounting Basic Package with Book. It includes:

Save $15 versus buying them individually!

Available in print and eBook formats.  NOTE: e-Book and digital files available immediately. 

Save money & time with the Church Bookkeeping Basic Package!

THE Accounting Guide for small and growing churches!

Church accounting is different from other types of accounting. On top of that, the church bookkeeper must know about IRS regulations for the donors and reporting requirements.  But it is often hard for overworked or volunteer administrators to know every aspect of the rules for accepting donations, overseeing a benevolence fund, and designing minister compensation packages.

Lisa London, The Accountant Beside You who brought you QuickBooks for Nonprofits and Churches-A Step-By-Step Guide, explains these particular needs of church accounting in an easy-to-understand manner for church administrators and volunteers.  A CPA experience working with businesses as well as churches and other nonprofits, Lisa explains confusing accounting concepts in a reader-friendly, engaging manner.  She is joined by Vickey Boatright Richardson, an accountant who runs THE online site for all things church accounting,  Together, Lisa and Vickey guide you through the essential aspects of church bookkee[ing.

Church Accounting: The How-To Guide for Small & Growing Churches-2nd Edition is a must-have reference for all the nuts and bolts of church accounting no matter what your accounting system. Lisa and Vickey help you set up accounting spreadsheets and explain the different types of accounting packages. If you are already using QuickBooks, it is also a perfect complement to QuickBooks for Nonprofits and Churches-A Step-By-Step Guide

Additionally, The Accountant Beside You will show you how to:

  • calculate and file employee payroll without paying for an outside service
  • design and implement a compensation package for your minister, including a housing allowance
  • set up and administer a benevolence fund
  • acknowledge donations per IRS guidelines, including vehicle donations
  • prepare for an annual audit
  • budget and forecast to provide for future church growth
  • reimburse employees' expenses per IRS guidelines
  • set up proper internal controls to guard against fraud or error
  • implement the basics to start a new church
  • design church by-laws
  • set up filing systems and organize the office

The Accountant Beside You series of accounting books for churches and nonprofits have been sold in all 50 states and every inhabitable continent.  Besides the detailed, step-by-step instructions provided in the guides, both ebook and print, Lisa London offers supplemental and often free information online at and through her popular YouTube videos and webinars.  Church accounting will be less worrisome with The Accountant Beside You every step of the way. 

About the Authors:

Lisa London, CPA is a financial professional with more than two decades of accounting, business, and training experience. Lisa has a unique ability to distill complex accounting information into the heart of what the end-user needs to know, in a way that is easy to understand. From Auditor to CFO to church volunteer, Lisa is known as the "Accountant Beside You" to many churches, businesses, and organizations.  

Vickey Boatright has worked as a fund accountant for a nonprofit for over 12 years and is a staff accountant for Wisdom Over Wealth. Her site,, is a treasure trove of valuable information on all things churches! Started in 2008, her site has grown exponentially with information on all of the ins and outs of church accounting. She is the treasurer of her church for 37 years.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs are a flat rate of $4.95 for media mail or $8.95 for 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail, no matter how many books you purchase. E-Books have no shipping costs and are available for immediate download. 

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