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1099, independent contractors -

I hate to disrupt your activities during this ridiculously busy time of the year, but if you would like to receive FREE IRS Form 1099-MISC, you will need to order them soon. Form 1099-MISC reports to the IRS royalties, rents, and other miscellaneous income, but we are most concerned with Box 7-Nonemployee Compensation. Nonemployee compensation is the payments to workers we use throughout the year that are not on our payroll. If we paid them over $600 throughout the year, we must furnish them a Form 1099-MISC. The red Copy A must be mailed to the IRS no later than...

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donations, endowment, memorials, stock, unrealized gains, unrealized losses -

Donating stock to your charitable organization as a Donation, Endowment or Memorial requires specific recording methods to include Unrealized Gains and Losses.

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QuickBooks, Updates -

This summer I had the opportunity to be a beta tester for the new 2019 QuickBooks desktop version. As I worked through the system, I was especially interested in those options that would be most useful for small nonprofits and churches.

Here is a summary of some of the new features:

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(This is a transcript from my Facebook Live video on March 21.) Today we are going to talk about credit cards. How they are used and misused. Tips and tricks and the need to reconcile your credit card accounts for both business and personal use. We can all agree they are convenient. You don’t have to worry about getting to the bank for cash, if you lose your wallet, you can call to have it canceled and there is a legal limit to the loss if you report in within the contractual time, and you might get cash back or...

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bookkeeping, church -

One of the most common questions I get asked is the one that is most difficult to answer. “How long should the accounting take?”
(This is the transcript from my Facebook Live video on Feb. 14, 2018)

I hate to sound like an attorney and respond, “it depends”, so I’m going to give that same answer in a much longer way.

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